finger knitted sari silk neckthing DIY + video

finger knitting is a hyper easy and fast technique to get a custom-made accessory or an extra thick yarn. there are more solutions, I like the slalom-one, this is what I detail below.

I made a showy sari silk neckthing with this technique, in circa 10 minutes. this is what happened:

ingredients you will need: your fingers, sari silk yarn and scissors

finger knitting in 4 steps

1. guide the yarn between your thumb and index finger and start to slalom the yarn around your fingers until all on your four fingers have two strands of yarn

2. grab the bottom strand of yarn on your little finger and lift it over your finger, continue this on your other fingers

3. slalom again the yarn around your fingers so that there are 2 threads on each of your fingers and follow the instructions under point 2.

4. when you’re done, simply put over the left one strand from your little finger onto your ring finger, grab the bottom strand and lift over your ring finger. then put it over to your middle finger and grab the bottom strand to lift over your middle finger… and so on until only one loop remains, you can finish it with a knot

here is the result made from verde:


click for the video tutorial


this is how finger knitted aqua banana yarn  looks like :


and it is finger knitted upcycled T-shirt yarn:



  • use multiple / multi-colored yarns so you can achieve exciting effects. simply drag the new yarn around your fingers and slalom it around your fingers and continue to work as before
  • if you’re tired, but not yet finished with the desired length, simply append the loops over a pencil / straw or whatever, and after the rest of the fingers you can drop loops back to your fingers and continue to work
  • to have thinner finger knitting use less finger: 3, 2, 1
  • you can use this technique to create scarf, bracelet, belt, bag strap, headband, garland, divider curtains, packaging and  almost everything
  • you can use beads as well on the yarns, draw a bead on the loop randomly or rhythmically
  • if your fingers are short – like mine – during slaloming spread your fingers and slightly close them during lifting over, it will make easier. you also may hold the loops near of the finger ends, but be careful to avoid slipping
  • you can round up the finished finger knitted yarn and with use of a thick knitting needles / crochet hooks you can have an extra-chunky whatever
  • finger knitting is great creative activity with children. the sense of achievement is guaranteed! your kids will love and it is in the offing that open-minded dads will also take a try
  • after some practice, it will go with closed eyes. READ! it is something you can do while finger knitting. e.g. I wrote this post. with the loops on my fingers ;)



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